Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Completely Forgot This Blog Existed!

I really don't understand how this happened.  All I know is...a friend said he wanted to start a blog and asked me to help him.  I thought...I'll just go check out blogger.com.  Well, of course it automatically directed me here.  I saw the title, "Beyond The Hype" and I thought to myself, "That sounds so...familiar....WHY do I know that name????"  Did a little more clicking and then I realized...oh yeah...this is my REAL blog!!!!

I've actually been posting daily blogs over on SparkPeople.com for the past couple months.  I have built up quite a following over there.  I'd say close to 500-700 read them every day and I usually get close to 200 comments on each posting.  I'm kind of a big deal on that side of the blogosphere. LOL.

It's mostly personal reflections about my health journey (I've lost 27 lbs since the last blog posted here!) and become an athlete (a runner).  I've already run a couple 5k races and am signed up for two half marathons and I'm shooting for a full marathon next year.

This blog feels like a hazy dream...something from so far in the past, I can't even remember myself when I was writing it.  So strange.

Anyway, if you'd like to follow my journey over on SparkPeople, here's a link to my blog page there:


Pretty sure I won't be maintaining TWO blogs at the same time.

Have a great night!